While Colorado and Washington have both started a trend around the US for legalizing marijuana medically, and now recreationally, its time for Texas to join the other 25 states that have legalized medical, and be the sixth to legalize recreational marijuana. The three major reasons being that (1) they have the Medical Center, the largest cancer hub in the world, (2) they need the tax dollars due to the cuts in school funding, and lastly (3) to lower the high amount of arrests due to possession of marijuana.

Houston is the medical capital of the world with the Medical Center and is extremely well known for its cancer research and treatment facilities. MD Anderson, according to U.S. News and World Reports, has been voted the best Cancer Care hospital for the last 27 years. Having medical marijuana for these patients could help save many lost lives because it combats nausea, malnutrition, and creates appetite. According to cancer.gov “malnutrition is a common problem in cancer patients that has been recognized as an important component of adverse outcomes, including increased morbidity and mortality and decreased quality of life”. While, marijuana might not seem like a lifesaver, it is vital to cancer patients because their bodies are weaker than the average humans and may have to go through continuous chemotherapy. So if they don’t eat they can lose a lot of weight and their weak immune system will give in to the chemo, leading to devastating circumstances.

The next reason that Texas needs to legalize marijuana is because “legislators chose to slash $5.4 billion from public education”, according to The Budget Crisis, an article on Savetexasschools.org. Texas could capitalize on the millions of tax dollars that marijuana would create, to fill this large hole that legislators refuse to fill. The Colorado 9 News reported that in Colorado, “the wholesale tax on pot is entirely dedicated to schools” and that “the first $40 million goes to a state program called BEST, which awards grants to local school districts to build and improve school facilities”. So if Texas legalized marijuana, it could implement this system that Colorado has already tested and proves works and helps.

Lastly millions of families are hurt and ruined because marijuana is sending too many people to jail. This is because it has been marked by the law as a Schedule one drug which is classified on the DEA’s website as “drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse”, with examples being heroin, ecstasy, LSD, and peyote. Because it is scheduled with such harmful drugs but is used by so many regularly, “marijuana comprises more than half of all Texas drug arrests and 97% of those were for possession of 2 ounces or less”, found on KRWG, a Southern New Mexico and Far West Texas public media source. In Colorado the legal limit you are allowed to have on you is 2 ounces, therefore if Texas legalized marijuana it would only have to arrest half as many people for drugs and could focus on more important cases, such as heroin possession, theft, or murder.

The entire U.S. would benefit greatly from the legalization of marijuana, in both medicinal and recreational settings. The passing of legalization in Texas, as one of the biggest states, would create a large amount of research for the benefits of the drug as well as be able to help many through consumption. However, Texas legalizing marijuana is just one step we need to take, towards getting the entire country to decriminalize marijuana. Therefore, letting everyone benefit from the drug’s uses.