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At Youth In Power, we aim to provide the Youth of the world a concise, easy to navigate portal of current and relevant news. We believe that the future lies within the hands of the Youth of today, and is our responsibility to educate them on the importance of staying up to date and involved with the current political and news climate.

Our goal is to provide access to unbiased and informative yet intriguing articles and up to date news sources in order to encourage an environment of learning and involvement. Our goal is to not sway the minds of our viewers in one direction, but to facilitate an open dialogue where the Youth of today feels comfortable to discuss the ongoings of today’s world.

We have a diverse array of topics, ranging from culture to politics to current events. It is our objective to provide information that Youth will find relevant to their situation and position in society. We encourage and invite all comments and ideas that could increase our platform.

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